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Model 943 Series Beta Scintillation Detectors

Beta Scintillation Detectors

Model 943 Series

The 943 Series Beta detectors are designed to be sensitive to a beta radiation source.

Although the Model 943 Series Beta detectors are functionally identical, the detectors differ in the material used for the housing, the material used for the end window, and in the response ratio achieved through the variations in the scintillation disc area.

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Key Features

  • Count range: 107 CPM
  • Preamp integral with detector
  • Operating temperature range: 32º to 122ºF (0º to 50°C) (max delta T 20°C/hour)
  • Ratemeter may be remotely located up to 1500 feet
  • Dead time correction less than 1% at 107 CPM
  • Integral LED check source available


Two end window materials are used for the Model 943 Series Beta detectors. The mylar end window is used for replacement of existing beta detectors with similar windows. The beta detectors with titanium end windows offer greater durability, significantly reduced noble gas absorption and ease of decontamination. The beta detector has preamplifier circuitry located in the interior of the overall protective housing. The preamplifier provides pulse conditioning and cable driving capabilities to match the input characteristics of the instruments used to monitor detector output. The detector is supplied with an integral eight foot cable that normally terminates in a junction box located within a sampling system. For operation in applications where a radioactive check source cannot provide the desired response, a Light Emitting Diode (LED) may be embedded in the detector. The LED is driven by a pulser circuit, located in the detector junction box, and can be adjusted to simulate the photonpeak of the monitored isotope of interest.

  • Beta Scintillation Detectors
  • Used on Process Gas and Particulate Channels
  • For Use with Model 942A Series or 960 Series Electronics


The detector can be used with the Universal Digital Ratemeters or with the Scaler Module 960SF. Ratemeters are used with beta detectors in small single channel digital monitoring systems while scaler modules and detectors are primarily used in multiple channel digital monitoring systems.

Models & Accessories

Model Name Description
943-25 (Beta) Scintillation Detector 1:1 ratio, stainless steel housing
943-25A (Beta) Scintillation Detector 10:1 ratio, stainless steel housing
943-25B (Beta) Scintillation Detector 100:1 ratio, stainless steel housing
943-25T (Beta) Scintillation Detector 1:1 ratio, stainless steel housing
943-25TA (Beta) Scintillation Detector 10:1 ratio, stainless steel housing
943-25TB (Beta) Scintillation Detector 100:1 ratio, stainless steel housing
943-25TL LED Check source
943-25TLA LED Check source
LED Check source

Accessories - cables


50-111 Detector cable

50-111 Detector cable (two 50 ohm coax and two #18 AWG), 8 ft (2.4 m) (supplied with detector) (part# 50-111)
Model number: 50-111

Ohmeda probe test cable

Ohmeda probe test cable (part# 2225938)

Part number: 2225938
Model number: 5170506

50-100 Interconnecting cable

50-100 Interconnecting cable (one 50 ohm coax, one 75 ohm coax, two #18 AWG, four #18 AWG twisted pairs) (part# 50-100)
Model number: 50-100
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