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Process Radiation Monitors

Process Radiation Monitors

Victoreen supplies a suite of combination Particulate, Iodine, & Noble Gas radiation monitoring systems with optional safety and seismic qualifications. Victoreen's collaborative engineering department ensures that the system you specify for your application is the system manufactured and delivered to your facility.

Model 841-334 Three Liter Off-Line Sampler

The 841-334 Three Liter Off-Line Sampler is an off-line sampler designed to be used in a noble gas or liquid radiation monitoring channel.

  • Three liter volume used in off-line gas or liquid applications

  • Provides compatible mounting for all Model 943 Series scintillation detectors

  • PTFE coated well and liner available

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Model 859A-1 Moving Particulate Filter Sampler with Controller

The Model 859A-1 Moving Particulate Filter Sampler with Controller is designed to collect and monitor radioactive particles found in airborne process streams.

  • Jam-free tape drive mechanism

  • Non-smearing tape drive

  • Flat viewing area

  • Variable speed

  • Fast advance

  • Torn paper-tape alarm

  • Low paper-tape alarm

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Model 940-1 Off-Line Gaseous Effluent Monitor

A combination Particulate, Iodine, and/or Noble Gas Radiation Monitoring System.

  • Off-line airborne effluent monitoring skid

  • Measures and reports airborne radioactive releases from stacks and ducts

  • Quantifies airborne particulate, radioiodine and gaseous effluents

  • Compatible with Model 943 Series detectors and Model 942A Series digital ratemeters or Model 960 Series electronics

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940-5 Accident Range Gaseous Effluent Monitor

The 940-5 Accident Range Gaseous Effluent Monitor assures noble gas is monitored under accident conditions up to 105 µCi/cc, and may be furnished in conjunction with new or existing normal range monitors.

  • Accident range gas monitor suitable as Kaman replacement

  • For use in conjunction with normal range gas monitor

  • Meets requirements of NRC Reg. Guide 1.97

  • 11 cc stainless steel gaseous sample volume

  • Compatible with Model 960 Digital Process Control System, local or remote mounting

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940-513 11cc Accident Range Gaseous Sampler

The Model 940-513 Accident Range Gas Sampler, when used with the Model 943-27 Current Mode Scintillation Detector, Model 940-553 Accident Filter, a vacuum pumping system, and a Model 960 Digital Radiation Processor or Model 942A Digital Ratemeter have been designed to meet the post-accident noble gas effluent monitoring requirements of Regulatory Guide 1.97.

  • Lead shielded, stainless steel sample volume

  • Off-line gas sampler

  • Accident range effluent sampler

  • Noble gas sample collection volume

  • Used with Model 943-27 Current Mode Scintillation Detector

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940-553 Accident Range Dual Filter Assembly

The Model 940-553 is an off-line, dual filter assembly, suitable for continuous collection of particulates and halogens in airborne effluents. The dual filters are shielded to minimize exposure to plant technicians during filter change operations.

  • High activity radioactive particulate filter and transport

  • Lead shielded, filter assembly and transport

  • Airborne particulate and halogen collector

  • Safely transport accident range filters for analysis

  • Used with Model 940-513 Accident Range Gas Sampler

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944-90/100 Process Monitor Control Panels

A local or remote control panel for Particulate, Iodine, & Noble Gas Monitoring Systems.

  • Compact size, 5.6 (w) x 3.5 inch (h)

  • Mounts in UDR Rack Chassis

  • Pump and Power On/Off Control

  • Power On, Pump On and Flow Fault indicators

  • Moving Filter Control and Status indication

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