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1042WM, 1046WM, 1056WM Series Wall-mounted Universal Digital Ratemeters

Wall-mounted Universal Digital Ratemeters

1042WM, 1046WM, 1056WM Series

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The 1042WM, 1046WM, and 1056WM Universal Digital Ratemeters (UDR) are 2nd generation digital radiation monitoring instruments capable of being directly interfaced to pulse producing or low current producing detectors and displaying the radiation signal in various engineering units; (CPM, mR/h, μCi/cc, etc.). The 2nd generation of Victoreen digital instrumentation is inherently more reliable and requires less maintenance than the 1st generation digital equipment. The UDRs are capable of being interfaced to a computer system, via the digital communications port, and can be used as a local controller. Victoreen’s 1042WM, 1046WM, and 1056WM UDRs are designed to achieve a high degree of reliability and are qualified for use in nuclear safety related applications.

  • High visibility LCD color display with push buttons for reliability and longevity of display
  • For use as area or process monitor readout
  • Compatible with all GM, ion chamber, or scintillation detectors
  • Download of historical data via USB
  • Fail safe DPDT relay contact outputs for warn, high, and fail functions
  • Full seismic, environmental and EMI qualifications
  • 6 button navigation panel for menu selections: check source activation (with associated indicator), test, high voltage display, alarm acknowledge, and power ON/OFF switch
  • Can be used as a direct replacement for most analog and 1st generation digital channels with appropriate connectors
  • User adjustable alarm set-points; retained indefinitely on power outage
  • Available with international units display
  • Wall-mounted fixture


The 1042A-WM/1046A-WM UDR can be used with all 943/953 Series Beta and Gamma Scintillation Detectors, all 977 Series Wide Range Ion Chamber Detectors, and all 897A Series GM Detectors. A detector, when connected to the UDR, will comprise a single channel digital process monitoring channel. Simulators are available for all models.


Model Name


1042A-WM Used for Scintillation detectors, GM process monitors Dynamic count range - 0 to 107 CPM Bargraph - 18 segments High voltage output - 450 to 1500 V @ 0.2 mA
1046A-WM Used for Ion chambers Dynamic range - 0.1 mR/h to 107 mR/h Bargraph - 24 segments
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