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Model 841-334 Three Liter Off-Line Sampler

Three Liter Off-Line Sampler

Model 841-334

The 841-334 sampler provides the appropriate shielding for the most sensitive gaseous or liquid monitoring applications.


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Key Features

  • Three liter volume
  • Removable polished stainless steel liner
  • 4 pi lead shielding
  • Removable polished stainless steel well (for liquid applications)
  • Available as a “stand alone” monitor or as a component in a custom designed process monitor
  • Usable with all pulse mode scintillation detectors
  • Optional detector junction box and solenoid actuated check source available
  • Hinged door for easy access to detector
  • Qualified for Class 1E applications


The 841-334 Three Liter Off-Line Sampler is an off-line sampler designed to be used in a noble gas or liquid radiation monitoring channel. The sampler chamber provides mounting for a Model 943 Series detector. When noble gases are monitored, a Model 943 Series Beta Scintillation Detector is mounted in contact with the air sample. When liquids are being monitored, a Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detector is mounted in a well assembly so that it is isolated from the sample flow. There are two check source assemblies which can be used with the sampler, depending on the monitoring channel used. If a Model 943 Series Beta Scintillation Detector is used, a Model 844-20 Check Source Assembly is strapped on the rear portion of the detector. If a Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detector is used, the rear of the sampler is designed to mount a Model 844-3 or Model 844-3-25 Check Source Assembly. Two versions of the sampler are available; model number 841-334 for gas monitoring, and model number 841-334-5A with well for liquid monitoring.


The Model 841-334 sampler is a shielded fixture, which isolates the detector, while monitoring gases/ liquids, from any background radiation. This allows a true reading of the monitored gases/liquids.


Model Name


841-334 Three Liter Off-Line Sampler for gas monitoring
841-334-5A Three Liter Off-Line Sampler with well for liquid monitoring
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