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Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detectors

Gamma Scintillation Detectors

Model 943 Series

The Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detectors consist of an integral gamma sensitive NaI crystal, a photomultiplier tube, a preamplifier assembly, and various interconnecting cables for connecting the detector, ratemeter, and power supply. All are functionally identical. The size of the crystal employed, the housing material, Light Emitting Diode (LED) check source, and whether or not an Americium source is included in the assembly are the only differences. All photomultiplier tube/crystal assemblies are of integral line construction.

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Key Features

  • Count range: 107 CPM
  • Preamp integral with detector
  • Operating temperature range: 32º to 122ºF (0º to 50ºC) (max delta T 20ºC/hour)
  • Ratemeter may be remotely located up to 1500 feet
  • Dead time correction less than 1% at 107 CPM
  • Operation at up to 300ºF available
  • Integral LED check source and automatic gain stabilization available


The Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detectors are designed to be sensitive to gamma radiation. The Gamma Scintillation material, photomultiplier tube, and preamplifier are contained within a cylindrical housing. This assembly provides protection from the environment, and provides a mechanism for installation without damaging the detector assembly. When gamma or x-rays enter the scintillation crystal, pulses of light are emitted. The light pulses striking the photocathode of the photomultiplier tube excite the electrons in the cathode to a high energy state, causing them to escape from the surface of the cathode. The freed electrons are attracted by a voltage potential to the first dynode of the photomultiplier tube. This starts a cascading effect where a charge is passed from dynode to dynode, increasing in size at each stage until a shower of electrons is passed on to the preamplifier. The preamplifier provides pulse conditioning and cable driving capabilities to match the input characteristics of the Universal Digital Ratemeter or the Model 960 Digital Radiation Monitoring System (DRMS), used to monitor the detector output. The detector is supplied with an integral eight foot cable that normally terminates in a junction box supplied as a part of a complete monitoring channel. A high temperature version, capable of operation at up to 300ºF, is also available.


The Model 943 Series Gamma Scintillation Detectors may be used with digital ratemeters or with the Model 960 DRMS. Ratemeters are used in systems where individual control room readouts are employed, while the Model 960 DRMS is used when a complete digital system is supplied. Obsolete Model: 943-38 Description: 2 x 2 inch crystal, carbon steel housing Replacement Model: 943-37 Obsolete Model: 943-238A Description: 2 x 2 inch crystal, carbon steel housing with Americium Replacement Model: 943-237A

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