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Model 897A Series GM Detectors

Series GM Detectors

Model 897A

The 897A Series GM Detectors are designed to detect ionizing radiation utilizing the pulse conversion technique.

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Key Features

  • Features 3 ranges available. Each covers 5 decades from 10-2 to 105 mR/h
  • Energy response: + 15% for 80 keV to 1.5 MeV
  • Preamp integral with detector
  • Seismically qualified
  • Life expectancy: approximately 105 rads
  • All power supplied from ratemeter
  • Ratemeter may be remotely located up to 2000 feet
  • Single cable between ratemeter/detector
  • 8 µCi 36Cl check source


Although all the Model 897A Series GM Detectors are functionally identical, the detectors differ in the tube type employed, sensitivity, and housing. The GM detector has preamplifier circuitry located in the interior of the overall protective housing. The preamplifier provides pulse conditioning and cable driving capabilities to match the input characteristics of the ratemeter.

  • Rugged, Reliable Radiation Detector
  • Personnel Protection
  • Factory NIST Traceable Calibration
  • Field Proven Design
  • For Use with Model 956A Digital Readout or Model 960 Series Digital Radiation Monitoring System (DRMS)


Area monitoring is used for the detection of x-ray or gamma radiation in a selected area. The monitor should be used in any location where personnel may be exposed to an adverse amount of radiation. Applications include nuclear reactors, accelerators, hot cells, irradiators, and any area where radiation sources are handled. These monitors can be used as single channel monitors or grouped together as a multichannel area monitoring system.

Models & Accessories

Model Name Description
897A-210 Geiger-Mueller (GM) Detector –
Aluminum 40, mg/cm2
897A-220 Geiger-Mueller (GM) Detector –
Aluminum, 100 mg/cm2
897A-230 Geiger-Mueller (GM) Detector -
Aluminum, 100 mg/cm2
897A-211 Geiger-Mueller (GM) Detector –
Stainless Steel, 40 mg/cm2
897A-221 Geiger-Mueller (GM) Detector –
Stainless Steel, 100 mg/cm2
897A-231 Geiger-Mueller (GM) Detector – Stainless Steel, 100 mg/cm2



848-8 Series Field Test Sources

The Model 848-8 Series of field test sources are portable, self-contained fixtures for on-site testing of area monitors.
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