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Model 944-17/18, 948A, & 958A Remote Alarm/Indicators

Remote Alarm/Indicators

Model 944-17/18, 948A, & 958A

Remote Alarm Model 944-17 and Indicator Model 944-18 provide a visual/audible indication of a high alarm state for area and process monitors. Remote Indicator Model 944-18 also contains an analog meter scale which indicates in the range of 0 to 107 CPM.


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Key Features

  • Easy to read visual indicators
  • Informs personnel to any change in radiological condition
  • Analog meter, scaled to range of ratemeter
  • Audible alarm (most with silence pushbutton) alerts operators of increasing radiation in monitored area or process stream


Remote alarms are available for area and process monitors to provide a visual/audible indication of a high alarm state. Remote alarm units are also available with an analog meter scale that indicate in the range of 0 to 107 CPM or various mR/h ranges. Remote alarms for process and area monitors are driven by the associated ratemeter or Model 960 Local Control Unit, which provides both the analog signal (for the meter) and the alarm signal (for the visual and the audible indication). For ion chamber area monitors, the remote alarm can be electrically driven by the digital preamplifier. The remote alarm and indicator will interface to the Model 942A Universal Digital Ratemeter and a Model 943 Series Scintillation Detector. The alarm can be located up to 1500 feet from the UDR.


Model Name


944-17 Remote Alarm
944-18 Indicator
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