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Model 878-10 High Range Ion Chamber Detectors

High Range Ion Chamber Detectors

Model 878-10

The Model 878-10 High Range Field Test Source is designed to be used as a field check of detector functionality with the Model 875 High Range Containment Monitor.


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Key Features

  • Lead shielding encased in steel and brass
  • Radioactive source mounted in steel
  • Shield spring-loaded closed by redundant constant force springs
  • Shield is locked in closed position by key lock
  • An interlock prevents opening of the shield unless a detector is in place


The Model 878-10 High Range Field Test Source is a portable, self-contained fixture for in-situ testing of High Range Ion Chamber Area Monitors. While specifically designed for the Model 875 High Range Containment Monitor, it is adaptable to ion chambers of other manufacturers. A sealed radiation source, combined with repeatable location of source and detector in the fixture, assures the consistency of the results. The source is encapsulated in welded stainless steel and secured inside a rotating section of the source shield. By rotating the section, the source is positioned so that radiation from the source passes through an exit hole in the shield to irradiate the detector. The rotating section is spring loaded to return to the closed position, and the mechanical interlocks prevent exposing the source until the detector is properly mounted. Extra safeguards help to minimize unnecessary exposure of operators to radiation.

  • Field calibration check source
  • For “In-Situ” testing
  • Designed to minimize exposure to operator
  • NIST calibrated and certified
  • Portable, rugged and easy-to-operate
  • For use with Model 875 High Range Containment Monitor


Model Name


878-10 High Range Field Test Source
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