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1045 Wide-range Ion Chamber Area Monitor

Wide-range Ion Chamber Area Monitor

Model 1045A

The Model 1045A is a wide-range area monitoring system with a detectable range of 10-1 to 107 mR/h.


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Key Features

The 1045 is a wide-range area monitoring system with a detectable range of 10-1 mR/h to 107 mR/h . The system is comprised of a 977-210 Wide Range Ion Chamber Detector, with local preamplifier, and a 1046 Universal Digital Ratemeter

  • Range: 1E-1 mR/h to 1E7 mR/h
  • Energy response: 10% from 55 keV to 3 MeV
  • Life expectancy: up to 107 rads if preamplifier is remote or shielded
  • No external power is needed at detector location
  • Three twisted-pair cables with ground conductor and overall shield between detector and ratemeter for maximum noise immunity
  • Environmentally hardened for operation in moisture laden environments
  • Seismically tested with high reliability
  • Microprocessor controlled


Area monitors are used for the detection of x-ray or gamma radiation in selected areas. The monitor should be used in any location where personnel may be exposed to an adverse amount of radiation. Applications include nuclear reactors, accelerators, hot cells, irradiators and any area where radiation sources are handled. These monitors can be used as single channel monitors or grouped together as a multichannel area monitoring system.

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